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Ann Weitbrecht (Nelson)
Married 2 Daniel 7
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Doreen Cole (Larson)
Widowed 1 1
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Jan Hietala (DeWall)
Contracts and Project Manager Single Again 2
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Jay Johnson
Retired Married 2 Dawn 3 Grand daughters
Resident of Siesta Key, FL. Stop by for a beverage if you are in the neighborhood!
jules allen
retired Married anita none
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Kevin Belille
RETIRED Committed Relationship 5 SHERRY HASTINGS 11
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Lori Pierce
Profile picture
Profile picture
Quality Specialist Committed Relationship 3 1
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Randy Blomlie
Profile picture
Sales/Finance mgr Married 3 Nadine
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Sue Zurbey (Shaindlin)
Designer, Merchandiser, Buyer 2 Peter
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