The following is a list of the 1976 Minneapolis Edison High School classmates that the Reunion Committee considers "Lost".  "Lost" means that the Committee does not have a current mailing address and/or contact information.  Please note that the list is alphabetized by the last name or maiden name, and Married Name (in parentheses if known). 

If you find yourself on our "Lost List"!!?? please complete the form on the Classmate Profiles page
.  Or send a message to Jay Johnson at with your contact information so we may include you in our reunion mailings.

Classmates who may know these people are encouraged to forward any information that would help us locate these Lost Class Members.​

  1. Anderson, Eugene
  2. Anderson, Karen
  3. Auguston, Amy
  4. Baker, Ken
  5. ​Brevig, Candy
  6. Brykowsky, Patrick
  7. Chock, Ann
  8. Chock, Cheryl (Morrissat)
  9. ​Cichon, Rodney
  10. Dabrowski, Edward
  11. Hagfors, Sharon (Sweeney)
  12. Hahn, Mona
  13. Hanzely, Patricia
  14. Johnson, David
  15. Johnson, Patricia (YaYa)
  16. Johnson, Rose
  17. Johnson, Susan
  18. Jones, Ruth
  19. Kolodge, Lynette
  20. Lindberg, James
  21. Mathison, Kathleen
  22. McGuire, William
  23. Porter, Sheryl
  24. Siegrist, Sue
  25. Smith, Dawn
  26. Stanek, Stephanie
  27. Stern, Jonathan
  28. Turnquist, John
  29. Warhol, Joe
  30. ​Warhol, Robert