Tickets by Mail
Reunion Ticket Order Form

Edison Class of 1976 – 45th Class Reunion - October 9th, Elsie's - NE Mpls

If you prefer to order your tickets through the mail using a personal check follow the instructions below.

Please print and fill out the applicable contact information below (or download pdf form here), determine the number of people attending, meal or no meal selections, compute the total amount of your check, and send the order form along with your check to Cathy (Svensk) Bishop.

Your Name:           ______________________________
Maiden Name:      ______________________________
Spouse’s Name:   ______________________________
Address:                 __________________________________
City/State/Zip:        ______________________, _______   ___________
e-mail address:      ____________________________@___________________
Home Phone:         ______ - _______ - _______

Cell Phone:               ________ - __________ - __________

Ticket Selections & Prices:

Make your selection Meal or No-Meal
Reunion Entry $22.00  x ____ # Persons Attending  =  $_____.00

Make check out to: Edison Class of 1976
Mail ticket order form and check to:

                                                          Cathy Bishop
                                                          13139 Quail Creek Dr. NE
                                                           Blaine, MN 55449